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West Virginia

Presidential Primary Date:  May 14, 2024

Open or Closed:  Open to Unaffiliated Voters

How to Vote in the Primary:  Elections Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (

Primaries and Caucuses - Rock the Vote

West Virginia has semi-open primaries. Voters registered with a particular party may only vote in that party's primary, but unaffiliated voters may choose any primary ballot.

You may vote a party primary ballot only if you are registered with that party; however, parties may allow voters who are not affiliated with their party to vote their ballot upon request.

Does my political party matter in the primary election?


As a voter, your political party makes a difference when you vote in the primary election because it determines which ballot you may receive. If you are registered with one of the four recognized political parties (Democratic, Libertarian, Mountain, or Republican), you may only vote that party’s ballot or the non-partisan ballot. If you are registered with any other party or with no party, you may ask the poll worker for one of the recognized party’s ballots, or they will give you the non-partisan ballot.

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