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Presidential Primary Date:  March 5, 2024

Open or Closed:  Partially closed

How to Vote in the Primary:  2023 Election Information – Utah Voter Information

Party Affiliation | Salt Lake County Clerk (

Primaries and Caucuses - Rock the Vote


Utah has semi-open and closed primaries. Only voters registered with the Republican Party may vote in that party's primary for both state and presidential primaries. Voters registered with the Democratic Party and unaffiliated voters may vote in the state Democratic Primary, while all registered voters regardless of party can vote in the presidential Democratic Primary.

What is the voter affiliation deadline?

In 2021, the state legislature passed HB197 which prohibits a voter from changing their affiliation from one political party to another after March 31, 2024.

No party switches will be processed until after the primary elections (the deadline to switch parties was 06/17/23). 

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