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Picture of Missouri State Capitol

ShowMePrimary is a new offshoot of PrimaryPivot focused on defeating Cori Bush in the Democratic primary.  PrimaryPivot has already demonstrated its effectiveness in helping to move over 3,500 Democrats to Undeclared status in just under one week in New Hampshire, so that many can vote against Donald Trump.  We are doing everything we can to damage and weaken Donald Trump in the Republican primaries.  At the same time, we realize there is extremism and misinformation being spread on both sides of the aisle.  That is why ShowMePrimary is prepared to support a credible primary challenger against Cori Bush.  Missouri's first district deserves better than Cori Bush.  In the spirit of the "Show-Me" state, we won't just complain, we will "show her" by moving voters to vote for a more reasonable candidate.  

You can find more about the team supporting ShowMePrimary by seeing the teams at PrimaryPivot here and PrimaryPower here.

About Us

We appreciate your donation to ShowMePrimary to defeat Cori Bush!

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