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PrimaryPivot in the Press






Boston Globe:  September 18:  "In bid to stop Trump, one group is making different pitch to independents and Democrats: Vote GOP" by Matt Stout

New Hampshire Union Leader Op-Ed, September 28:  George Bruno: "Democratic options if Biden won’t run in NH’s primary"

New Hampshire Public Radio Radio interview, October 4:  "Groups pushing anti-Trump message urge NH Democrats to vote in GOP primary" Josh Gordon

NBC News Live:  Video Interview, October 4:  "New Hampshire plans to hold first Democratic primary in defiance of party wishes" Noah Pransky on Hallie Jackson Now

NBC News:  October 6:  "New Hampshire Democrats weigh whether to cross over and vote in GOP primary" Emma Barnett and Noah Pransky

USA Today:  October 16:  "Are Democrats getting 'punked' in party-switching scheme to make Trump lose N.H.? What to know"  Karissa Waddick and Francesca Chambers

Politico: October 27:  "Biden camp plays it cool but Dean Phillips’ bid is on their radar"  Elena Schneider and Lisa Kashinksy


New Hampshire Union Leader:  October 28:  "Independent voters will have their say" Roberta Baker

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