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New Jersey

Presidential Primary Date:  June 4, 2024

Open or Closed:  Open to unaffiliated voters

How to Vote in the Primary:  party-affiliation-form.pdf (

NJ DOS - Division of Elections - Frequently Asked Questions

NJ primary election: How to check if you're registered to vote (

Primaries and Caucuses - Rock the Vote

In New Jersey, a voter in the primary must be registered to a political party. If you are a registered voter and want to change your party affiliation, you must do so 55 days before the primary in order to vote. If you are registered to vote but have not previously chosen a party, you can do so on the day of the election.

If you are a previously affiliated voter who is changing to an unaffiliated voter, you must file a declaration form no later than 55 days before the primary election in order to be registered as unaffiliated for the primary election.

Declaration must be filed no later than 55 days preceding the primary in which the voter wishes to vote. An unaffiliated voter can affiliate with the Democratic or Republican Party on the day of the primary.

If you are an unaffiliated voter (a voter that has not declared a party) you may be eligible to vote in the Primary Election. You must declare a party when voting at your polling location or select one ballot, Democrat or Republican, if voting by mail.

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