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New Hampshire

Presidential Primary Date:  January 23, 2024 (To be confirmed)

Open or Closed:  Open to Unaffiliated Voters

How to Vote in the Primary:  Voting in Party Primaries | New Hampshire Secretary of State (

Registration Deadlines | New Hampshire Secretary of State (

Primary School: What You Need to Know About N.H.’s Party Registration Rules | New Hampshire Public Radio (

An undeclared voter may vote in a state primary or a presidential primary. You will be required to choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot when you go to vote.  


If you are already registered as a Democrat or Republican, you may change your party affiliation with the clerk of the town or city where you are domiciled or at any scheduled meeting of the supervisors of the checklist except for during the period of time between the first day of the filing period for the primary election and/or the presidential primary election and the date of the primary election itself.  The deadline will be October 6, 2023 for the presidential primary.  

When you vote on a party ballot in a state or presidential primary, you become a registered member of that party unless you fill out a card or sign a list to return to undeclared status with the supervisors of the checklist before leaving the polling place.

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