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Presidential Caucus Date:  March 2, 2024

Open or Closed:  Partially closed

How to Vote in the Primary:  Primary Elections in Idaho

Primaries and Caucuses - Rock the Vote

Missouri shifts to Republican presidential caucuses after lawmakers cancel primaries (

Republicans in Idaho will have to attend caucuses to make their presidential picks next year.

Presidential caucuses are planned for March 2, putting them near the front of the national presidential selection process

Instead of voting in a Tuesday primary at traditional polling places, people wanting to participate in the caucuses will need to attend a Saturday meeting of local Republicans. In Idaho, the GOP caucuses will have a single round of voting for presidential candidates.

Changing Party Affiliation (§ 34-411A, Idaho Code)

For a primary election, an elector may change their political party affiliation or become “unaffiliated” by filing a signed form with the county clerk no later than the last day a candidate may file for partisan political office prior to such primary election, as provided for in Idaho Code § 34-704.

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